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 You and your party will stay at the Lodge at Pilot Lake. The Lodge is a rustic, yet extremely comfortable year-round outfitting experience. The Lodge overlooks a pristine, twenty acre deep water lake stocked with the best game fish in the midwest, and nestled among verdant trees and native grasses. A boat dock and a modern pontoon fishing boat are provided for our guests at a reasonable cost.

Inside, The Lodge has a modern kitchen, bathroom, six full-size beds, heater and air conditioning . A sitting area with a television lets hunters and fishermen relax after a long day in the wild. A large deck provides a beautiful and peaceful setting outside. As night falls, clients can relax and regale each other with their exploits on the outdoor deck, sitting around the built-in fire-pit overlooking the lake. There's also a smoker available and dog kennel.

The Complete Outfitting Experience 


Sportsmen's Preserve offers the premium outfitter experience and a great place to experience the outdoors. 

The Lodge at Pilot Lake offers modern amenities in a rustic, natural setting. 

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